Worship Podcasts

Click the links below to listen to Sunday Worship Services. You can listen by subscribing to our audio file feed through iTunes or by listening through our website. You may also download the.mp3.

To subscribe via iTunes

To listen on our site or download the .mp3

To subscribe via RSS

What’s a Podcast?

Podcasting provides a way for users to download and manage frequently updated sound files, such as a weekly sermon from a church. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and iTunes both provide simple ways for your computer to be informed automatically when new podcasts are available for download. RSS is also frequently used on news websites to inform users of news headlines for articles they may be interested in.

How do I “subscribe” to these podcasts?

If you use iTunes software (on your PC or Mac computer) then click on the desired iTunes subscription link above. iTunes will be automatically started and your subscription will be registered. Then each time you bring up iTunes, you will be able to directly update these podcasts within iTunes.

If you don’t use iTunes, you can still “subscribe” through the “RSS” (Really Simply Syndication) links above. This can be done through your web browser or a third party RSS reader. If you use Internet Explorer version 7 (IE7), Safari, or Firefox as your web browser, then RSS reader capability is built in to the browser. When you click on the RSS subscribe links, you will get a list of currently available audio sermons. If you use IE6 or below, the easiest and most secure way for you to get an RSS reader is to upgrade to IE7 from Microsoft. This can be done directly from Microsoft here: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx.

You can also listen directly through this website or download the audio file (.mp3) by clicking here.

I want to know more about RSS. Where can I learn?

A good place to start is this informative Microsoft page: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/rss/default.mspx.


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