Baptism & Communion

Baptism at Montview

Baptism is the church’s way to welcome a child into the love of God and the nurture of the congregation.  In baptism we speak about the love of God that is present in each new life, we receive the commitment of the parents to give their child the love of the community of faith, and we promise to be “the village” for each child that is baptized.  Baptism proclaims God’s love, honors the faith of the parents and the congregation and recalls the grace, mercy and forgiveness of God that is available to all our children.  We also baptize adults who would like to become members of the church but who have never been baptized. If you are interested in baptism, or want to schedule a baptism, please call 303-355-1651 or or  To learn more about baptism in the Presbyterian church, please contact Ian Cummins at

Communion at Montview

Communion, or The Lord’s Supper, is the church’s way to celebrate the community of Jesus Christ and his faithful people.  All who follow Christ are welcome at the table.  We share this sacrament with the wider Christian Church, believing that all are called to gather together to share the bread and cup in Christ’s name.  Montview celebrates communion on the first Sunday of each month at both services of worship.

Communion For Children
The Presbyterian tradition does not include a specific rite for first communion. Our parents decide when their children are ready to participate. This readiness includes realizing that communion is not a snack but a special meal that we share to remember Jesus. At Montview Church, our children learn about communion in Sunday School in grades 1-5. These children also shadow the elders and deacons to serve communion to the congregation at a worship service once each year. This experience helps to broaden their understanding of this sacrament in our faith community.
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