Rev. Clover Reuter Beal

Rev. Clover Reuter Beal

The Rev. Clover Reuter Beal has been serving as the Associate Pastor of Lay Leadership Development at Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian (USA), in Cleveland Heights, Ohio since 2004. She earned a B.A. in religious studies from Seattle Pacific University and an M.Div. from Columbia Theological Seminary, and was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in 1992. Clover is a community builder and loves people authentically. Her deep joy is in gathering people together so that the power of the Spirit might be witnessed in the community. In her own faith-life, and in ministry as a pastor, she has always circled in the areas of congregational leadership development, gift identification, vocational discernment, and spiritual formation through pastoral relationships with individuals and groups. She has a particular passion for women’s spiritual development, and believes that serious ministry must always be measured by the fun people are having while doing it.

Clover grew up in the mountains near Seattle, and she loves coffee. Her favorite activity is having a cup of coffee with a friend. She is a reader of novels and poetry. She and her husband, Tim, a religion professor at Case Western Reserve University, enjoy dining out very much, maybe too much. They love their children, Sophie (23, serving in a men’s homeless services agency in Atlanta) and Seth (20, a rising junior at Denison University), with a fierce love. Clover cherishes rich friendships, old and new. She and Tim have a dog, Francis (named after the saint and the pope) and two cats. She fears that they’ve become “those people” who enjoy their animals too much.

All in all, she feels truly blessed – even astounded some days. Life has had its difficulties, but the richness of the joys and sorrows has shaped her profoundly. Tim calls her a “Presbyterian Shaman,” which, for him and many others, seems to say it all.

Clover is thrilled by the call to serve Montview Church as Lead Pastor for Congregation Life. She is moved by Montview’s vital community and its rich history of giving witness to the Gospel in word and action. Clover says she is humbled to serve alongside a stellar staff of colleagues and lay leaders, and she is eager to see what God has in store as we seek God’s future for Montview together.

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