Pulpit Players

Pulpit Players Mission Statement

In an effort to more fully involve our children in the worship of the church, Pulpit Players was conceived as a children’s music/drama group, formed jointly by the Church School program, the music program, and the theater program to allow our youngest congregants (K-5) to explore Bible stories in a musical/theatrical context.   As our children grew and matured, the program expanded to include a more seasoned group (6-12), with each group performing once per year.  Through performance of these dramas during worship, our children and youth are empowered to take their place in the work of the church.

Pulpit Player Productions since 2002:

Summer 2002 Naaman and the Slave Girl (K-5) II Kings 5: 1-14
Winter 2003 The Prodigal Son (K-5) Luke 15:11-30
Fall 2003 Playing Favorites: Joseph and His Brothers (K-5) Genesis 37: 39-45
Winter 2004 The Good Samaritan (K-5) Luke 10:25-37
Fall 2004 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (K-5) Daniel 3
Winter 2005 Shorty In the Treetop: Zacchaeus (K-5) Luke 19: 1-10
Fall 2005 Martha and Mary (K-5) Luke 10: 18-42
Winter 2006 A Voice in the Darkness: The Calling of Samuel(K-5) I Samuel 1:1-28 and 3: 1-20
Summer 2006 Razing the Roof for Jesus (K-5) Mark 2:1-12
Winter 2007 The Prodigal Son (K-5) Luke 15: 11-30
Spring 2007 The Diary of Adam and Eve (6-12) Genesis 2-3
Fall 2007 Escape From Captivity: The Story of Moses (6-12) Exodus 1-14
Winter 2008 Playing Favorites: Joseph and His Brothers (K-5) Genesis 37: 39-45
Fall 2008 Smackdown in Elah: David vs. Goliath (6-12) I Chronicles 2: 13-15
Winter 2009 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego (K-5) Daniel 3
Fall 2009 You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide: Jonah and the Whale (6-12) Jonah 1-4
Winter 2010 The Good Samaritan (K-5) Luke 10: 25-37
Fall 2010 A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Damascus: The Conversion of Saul (6-12) Acts 9:1-19
Winter 2011 Naaman and the Slave Girl (K-5) II Kings 5:1-14
Fall 2011 Cuddling With the Big Cats: Daniel in the Lions’ Den (6-12) Daniel 6
Winter 2012 Miracle Math: 5+ 2 = 5000: The Feeding of the 5000 (K-5) John 6: 1-14
Fall 2012 Melee on Mt. Carmel: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal (6-12) I Kings 18
Winter 2013 Shorty in the Treetop: Zacchaeus (K-5) Luke 19:1-10
Fall 2013 Esther Saves Her People (6-12) Esther 1-9
Winter 2014 The Woman At the Well (K-5) John 4: 3-42
Fall 2014 It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: Peter Walks on Water (6-12) Matthew 14:22-33
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