Musique and Masque

Musique & Masque Mission Statement

Musique and Masque, Montview’s in-house theater company, provides outreach to the greater Montview community through musical theatrical productions performed by an energetic and committed multi-generational company.  We are a theater program based in ministry.  Our mission is to provide family entertainment in a cooperative, minimally competitive environment which fosters teamwork and self-esteem for all of its members.  Our primary focus is the growth and education of our youth and children in a program that also provides our adults with an excellent and exciting opportunity to share their expertise, knowledge and love of theater with kids.

Musique & Masque Roster of Productions

Fall 1992 L’il Abner
Fall 1993 Bye Bye Birdie
Winter 1994 How To Eat Like a Child (Youth)
Fall 1994 Fiddler On the Roof
Winter 1995 Free To Be (Youth)
Fall 1995 The Boyfriend
Winter 1996 Winnie the Pooh (Youth)
Fall 1996 The Music Man
Winter 1997 Charlie Brown/Musical Excerpts from Oliver (Youth)
Fall 1997 The Wizard of Oz
Winter 1998 Godspell (Teens)
Fall 1998 Brigadoon
Winter 1999 On  Time (Children)
Fall 1999 Meet Me In St. Louis
Winter 2000 Nunsense (Adults)
Fall 2000 Bye Bye Birdie
Fall 2001 Cinderella
Fall 2002 Fiddler On the Roof
Fall 2003 Honk!
Fall 2004 Annie
Fall 2005 Hello, Dolly
Fall 2006 Anne of Green Gables
Fall 2007 Charlotte’s Web
Fall 2008 No show (Summer of Sabbath)
Fall 2009 Sound of Music
Fall 2010 No show
Fall 2011 No show
Fall 2012 Fiddler On the Roof
Fall 2013 No show
Fall 2014 Cinderella


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