Musical Instruments


Pipe Organs

IV Manual Reuter 1957, 87 ranks, rebuilt in 2001 by Morel and Associates

Solid state stop and combination action

99 channel computerized combination

Midi interface

Montview Church’s organ dates from 1957, when the congregation’s present sanctuary was constructed. The Reuter Organ Company of Lawrence, Kansas, built the organ according to specifications of Franklin Mitchell. The main console, located in the rear gallery, controls the main organ and the chancel organ. A smaller console in the chancel controls just the chancel organ. In 2001 the organ was renovated and the rear console was replaced. The Denver firm of Morel and Associates did the work.

Montview also owns a small portable organ with four stops. This small instrument is used in Barrett Chapel. The instrument also functions well as a continuo instrument with orchestra in the main sanctuary. Morel and Associates built this instrument.


Steinway D concert grand in the sanctuary purchased used in September 2013

Mason Hamlin AA  grand (1929) – Westminster Choir room

Tadashi T-700 grand (1986)– Miller Center

Kawai K62-D grand (1985) – Fellowship Hall

Baldwin Studio Upright – Fellowship Hall

Petrof  grand 5’8” (1986) – S8

Baldwin grand 5’8” (1914) – Children’s Choir Room

Other Instruments

Handbells – 4 ½ octaves, Schulmerich bells

Timpani – Marshall Light – Metropolitan Model Type B, 26” and 29”

1.5 Octave Symphonic Chimes Regular (Pearl)

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