Local Mission

Local mission takes many forms at Montview.  The following are some of  the various partnerships and relationships to which we are committed.


Montview Manor was built in 1963 by Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church to meet a growing need for affordable housing for seniors.  Today it provides a comfortable, convenient living environment and social opportunities for persons of retirement or near retirement age, 55 years and over.  The Manor is an independent-living community that honors privacy, yet nurtures the spirit of community.  A board of managers sets guidelines and supervises the operation of the Manor through an appointed Administrator.  The board reports directly to the Session of Montview Church.


For more than 16 years, the Montview congregation has supported Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. Through donations and volunteers, Montview will be building a new home for our sponsored family, Bouchra and Mohammad and their four sons. Bouchra shares that “Our life will change because we will have space for our family to grow up.” Montview has pledged $10,000 for the build. Please help us reach that goal and to fill 60 construction spots. Click here to donate or volunteer.


Centus provides professional counseling, education, and consultation to congregations and to others in the community requesting help. Centus has been active at Montview for fifteen years. The mission and core service of Centus is to provide affordable, quality mental health counseling that is faith centered if a client requests it. Their aim is to integrate body, mind, spirit and community into therapy to promote wholeness in the healing process. Montview provides therapy space and a yearly contribution.


In 1993, Montview members Margo & Ed Lupberger started a tutoring program at Park Hill Elementary to work with students below grade level. Today, there are 23 tutors with 28 students in the program plus more students on a waiting list. This program has proved successful in helping kids become better students, improving their self esteem and confidence with one on one attention which shows students that people in their community care about them.


Montview Mentors is an afternoon tutoring program at Ashley Elementary School. In the fall, students get help with reading, writing and homework. In the spring, the students prepare to perform at the Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival.  Approximately 12 tutors work with 15-20 students on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 to 5:00 pm.


The Emergency Assistance program is offered for those who come to the church for assistance with their rent, food, clothing, electrical payments, etc. In addition, referrals are made to agencies in the community who are able to help.


Metropolitan Organization for People was founded in 1979 with the mission of empowering ordinary people to strengthen and transform their communities through community organizing. The community organizing process begins locally with member churches, schools, youth and neighborhood associations. MOP trains volunteer community leaders to reweave the web of relationships in communities so that they can effectively work together across race, class and language barriers to rediscover a common good leading to a higher quality life for our families, children, and neighbors. Montview is directly connected with MOP through the Montview Community Organizing Ministry (MCOM). MOP is currently comprised of 37 member congregations, schools, youth, and neighborhood associations representing 55,000 people in the seven county metro Denver regions.


GPHC is a non-profit, neighborhood-based organization founded in 1961 to unite neighbors of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to establish a stable, integrated community. GPHC serves as a liaison to city agencies and responds to neighborhood concerns regarding emergency food, senior citizen assistance, employment, zoning violations, police/citizen relations, housing, schools and traffic. The funding Montview offers supports the emergency food bank.


Metro CareRing is a food bank whose services benefit 30,000 people a year and is supported by over 50 faith communities. Every month, more than 800 households receive food. Major services offered by MCR include: work related items such as tools needed for employment, bus tokens, utility bill payment assistance, personal documentation i.e. birth certificates, ID’s, drivers licenses and hotel vouchers for the homeless. Additionally, referral for mental health services, healthcare, affordable housing, child care and job training are provided. Montview Church provides a community of volunteers as well as funding for the food bank and services.


The Interfaith Alliance (TIA-CO) is an interfaith, member-driven, grassroots organization that serves as a progressive voice of moderation and mutual respect for communities of faith; promotes religious freedom, understanding and diversity. One of the core purposes of this organization is to promote understanding of Colorado’s diverse faith traditions. This is accomplished through interfaith dialogue, programs, civic participation and political activism. This organization was founded in 1998 by a group of clergy and laity who were searching for a way to give voice to Coloradans who wanted to put their faith into action as a force for good in public life.


DICP is a non-denominational, non-profit agency dedicated for the last four decades to serving the secular and spiritual needs of West Denver’s low-income community. They offer a “familia” model of support that provides holistic wrap-around education and human services to all.

La Academia is a private non-profit school serving 80 6-12th grade low-income students. This school addresses the educational and social needs of at-risk youth. There are also night classes that assist 50 students who are earning their high school diplomas or G.E.D. The community is made up of the Latino community earning less than $15,000 a year.

DICP also supports an Emergency Food Bank, Project Renew which provides reintegration programs for those returning to society from the Department of Corrections and a Senior Support program that enhances the health, social well-being and quality of life for residents 55 years and older living in West Denver. In addition, DICP hosts two ecumenical worship services twice a month which are bilingual.


Senior Support Services is a day shelter for hungry and homeless seniors. They serve three meals per day and provide individualized case management to help their clients obtain and retain government benefits and affordable housing. They shepherd them through the process to ensure they get the full benefit to which they are entitled. Montview provides volunteer opportunities as well as funding for the food services.


Mission Partnerships form when the sessions of two or more churches in the Presbytery of Denver share the conviction to address a particular mission enterprise. They are established and reviewed by the Mission and Ministry Work Group of the Presbytery and the session of each congregation. Mission Partnerships’s are for a specific period and have a clearly stated goal. Montview is in a mission partnership supporting the following organizations:


Self Improvement Opportunities (SI) offers assistance in GED preparation and basic computer skills to adults living in Denver and Aurora. SI has volunteers who work with students to help them with their learning, as well as, provide a caring environment. We are in partnership with Aurora First Presbyterian Church.


Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, Central Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian Church Brighton are in partnership with CVP. Many children in the Denver metro area are separated from one or both of their parents. The court may order the non-custodial parent to visit with the children only under the supervision of a third party. The Central Visitation Program is a low-fee supervised visitation program that provides a safe and comfortable environment in which children and non-residential parents may visit. The parenting time is supervised by volunteers and allows children the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with the non-residential parent.

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