In the World




At Montview we believe God calls us to put our resources and our energy toward the building of a better world.  We build homes in Denver and hospitals in Nepal.  We tutor elementary school students in Park Hill and support families who don’t have enough to eat at the end of the month.  We travel to Mexico, Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia and throughout the world to be of service in the name of Christ.  But we know this work changes us as much or more than it changes those we are there to help.

We develop life-long friendships and our perspectives are enlarged by the experiences and the people we meet.  Mission trips are encouraged for all ages and we have scholarships available for our youth to encourage them to make at least one global mission trip before leaving home.  Young and old, world travelers and novices alike are encouraged to find where God is calling them to take part, get involved, change the world…and be changed by it.

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