The Montview Lectureship

2016 Montview Lectureship:
A Weekend with Walter Brueggemann
February 26, 27, 28, 2016

Friday, February 26: 7:00 pm
A Voice from Elsewhere: The Prophetic Tasks of Judgment & Hope


Saturday, February 27: 9:00 am
Relinquish and Receive God’s Gifts


Saturday, February 27: 10:30 am
Conversation with Dr. Brueggemann and Rev. Clover Reuter Beal


Sunday, February 28: 10:30 am Worship Service
Sermon: Beyond the Bargain of the Empire
The Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann preaching


The Montview Lectureship

In 1955 America was in the midst of a renewed interest in religion. Church membership and attendance were soaring. There was an intellectual renaissance in theology led by scholars such as Reinhold and Richard Niebuhr, Paul Tillich, Martin E. Marty, Harvey Cox and Robert McAfee Brown among others.

Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church wanted to capture some of that spiritual and intellectual excitement for our community. Thus the idea for the Montview Lectureship was born with the intent of bringing outstanding national theologians to our community to enlighten and challenge people.

More recently, Montview has attracted some of the country’s finest theological minds including, John Shelby Spong, Cynthia Rigby, Marcus Borg, James Forbes of Riverside Church, NY, the Rev. Dr. Justo Gonzalez (its first Latino lecturer), Dr. John Dominic Crossan, Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes, Dr. Walter Brueggemann, and Father Richard Rohr.

While the lectureship has primarily engaged theologians, it has also brought author Ann Lamott, poet David Whyte, medical ethicists and environmentalists to present spiritual and social issues to our own church members as well as the larger community.  If you would like to be on a mailing list to receive notice of future lectures, please contact Danean Burke in our office at 303-355-1651, x109.

Montview Lectureships

1955 Dr. Chad Walsh, Beloit College – The Drama of the Bible
1957 Prof. H. Richard Niebuhr, Yale Divinity School
1958 Dr. Robert McAfee Brown – The Spirit of Protestantism
1959 G. William Weber – The Church, God’s Colony in Man’s World
1960 The Very Rev. George MacLeod, The Iona Community, Scotland
1961 Prof. James Mullenburg, Union Theological Seminary
1962 Dr. Roy Fairchild, San Francisco Seminary
1963 Dr. David H.C. Read, Madison Ave. Presbyterian Church
1964 Dr. Marshall L. Scott, McCormick Theological Seminary
1965 Dr. Robert W. Lynn, Dean, Auburn Seminary
1966 Dr. John Frederick Jansen, Austin Seminary
1967 John W. VanZanten, Presbyterian Board of Education
1968 Dr Edward V. Stein, San Francisco Theological Seminary
1969 Dr. Kenneth Boulding, University of Colorado
1971 Dr. Edward Baumann, Foundry United Methodist Church
1972 Dr. Benjamin Mays – Human Rights Revolution
1976 Dr. Eric Routley – Worship and the Facts of Life
1990 Dr. Richard Austin & W. Mitchell – For Love of the Earth
1993 Dr. Robert Fortna, Vassar College
1994 Dr. Joretta Marshall, Iliff School of Theology
1995 Dr. Walter Wink, Auburn Theological Seminary
1996 Dr. Robert W. Lynn, Bangor Theological Seminary
1996 Bishop John Shelby Spong – A Believer in Exile
1997 Dr. Ernle Young, Stanford University
1998 Bishop John Shelby Spong, Episcopal Bishop of Newark, NJ
1999 Arun & Sunanda Gandhi – Non-Violence
2000 Rev. Dr. James G. Emerson, San Francisco Seminary
2002 Dr. Marcus J. Borg, Oregon State University
2003 Dr. Cynthia Rigby, Austin Theological Seminary
2004 The Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes Jr., The Riverside Church, NY
2005 The Rev. Dr. Justo Gonzalez
2006 John Dominic Crossan, Prof. Emeritus, DePaul University
2006 David Whyte, Poet
2007 The Rev. Prof. Peter J. Gomes, Harvard University
2007 Ann Lamott, Author
2007 Bishop John Shelby Spong,
2008 Prof. Bart D. Ehrman, University of North Carolina
2008 Rev. Dr. Walter Bruggemann, Columbia Seminary
2009 Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation
2010 The Rev. Dr. Brian McLaren – A New Kind of Christianity
2011 Prof. Amy-Jill Levine – Sex, Lies and Theology
2012 Marcus Borg and Carrie Newcomer
2013 Doug Wysockey-Johnson
2015 Fr. Gregory Boyle, Tattoos on the Heart
2016 Walter Brueggemann

Lectureship Funding

The Lectureship is a community outreach program of Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, but is not a budgeted program. The Lectureship is self-supporting and for this reason Lectureship expenses must be defrayed by admission charges. Bequests and Memorial Gifts to the Lectureship fund are welcomed to help maintain the program and to keep admission charges affordable. Scholarships are made available so that the lectures are accessible to all.


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