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– Foundations for Faith
– Contemporary Issues Forum
– Older Adults Ministry
– Wednesday Night Life

– Beyond Sunday

9:30 am Sunday Mornings

Foundations for Faith
Back to the Bible, Part II: The New Testament Gospels
We know the Bible is important. Or at least we know we’re supposed to think so. But it’s often hard to find a way into it that feels authentic to our own faith experience. Lots of Bible thumpers claim to speak for it — and even beat others over the head with it. Is there another way? This year, Montview is offering an opportunity to crack the binding and explore the Bible with fresh eyes, not as a book of answers, a how-to manual, or a political weapon, but as a library of questions, a place to connect with others and make meaning together. In each session we will explore a biblical passage that at first seems familiar but that turns out to be more, and other, than we expect. This winter, we will focus on the Gospels of the New Testament. No experience necessary. No homework. Just come with an open heart and mind.
Led by Pastor Clover’s husband, Tim, who is a professor at Case Western Reserve University and writes on the Bible, religion, and popular culture (learn more about him at
January 29: What, Who, Where, When, How?
Overview of the New Testament and the Jesus Movement
February 5: The Gospels and the Synoptic Problem: Luke 1
February 12: Like a Mustard Seed: The Parables of Jesus: Matthew 13
February 19: So Long, Judas: Shades of Betrayal and Regret in the Last Days
Matthew 26-27 vs. Luke 22 and Acts 1
February 26: Mark’s Four Tales/Tails: Post-Resurrection Stories: Mark 16


Contemporary Issues Forum
McCollum Room
Contemporary Issues Forum has topics that change weekly.

February 12: The Role of Race in the Social Construction of Jesus

Former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, the Rev. Terrance Carroll, will preach at Montview on this day and we are honored to have him present this program for the Forum.
Speaker: Rev. Terrance Carroll is a Denver attorney, minister, former Colorado legislator and former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, the first African American ever to hold that office in Colorado.

February 19: Race, Income and Academic Achievement in Colorado Schools

Based on the award-winning Rocky Mountain PBS series, “Race in Colorado: Standing in the Gap,” we’ll get an inside look at disparities in both race and economic status for the 20 largest school districts in Colorado, including fascinating insights about districts that had the smallest gaps and what they have done to close the gaps.
Speaker: Burt Hubbard, long-time Denver journalist working with Rocky Mountain PBS and 9-News; and Producer and Chief Researcher for the Race in Colorado series.


Adult Education

Older Adult Ministry

Tuesday Afternoon Game Day
We have many games on hand, or bring your favorite game along. In the Gallery Room, 1-4 pm, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. No need to RSVP! Everyone is welcome. Call Shirley at 303-756-6521 for more information.

January 29: The Third Thirty Winter Luncheon
12:15-1:30 Fellowship Hall. Lunch provided. Brief program looking at the year ahead, and lots of fellowship. Suggested donation of $5-10 for cost of me


Adult Education

Wednesday Night Life

Animate: Bible Series • January 11, 18, 25, February 8, 15 & 22
We’ll follow the Animate Bible series of videos and discussion, which orients the group to the Book as a whole through topics like Canon, History, Testaments, and the Gospels. The videos feature modern writers like Phyllis Tickle, Rachel Held Evans, and Denver’s own Nadia Bolz-Weber. Come join us for a deeper dive into the structure and themes of the Bible.

Traces of the Trade film • February 1
What if you discovered that, 200 years ago, your family’s business was buying and selling slaves? That’s what happened to seminary student Katrina Browne. Disturbed but curious, she convinced 10 members of her extended family to travel back through time – to Africa and Cuba – to learn and to face their past. This is their Courageous Conversation on Race. Holly Fulton, one of the family who lives in Denver, will facilitate reflections after the film.

Adult Education

Beyond Sunday

Women’s Wednesday Evening Book Study
Interested in thought-provoking discussions on books that will challenge you and help you develop your faith? This book group will allow you to do just that while getting to know a great group of women at Montview. Contact Linda Rumbarger at or 303.525.2917 for more information and schedule.


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