Children and Youth

The Children’s Ministry at Montview

Our Sunday School for ages 3 – 11 is designed to help our children move closer to God and to develop strong, positive relationships with members of our Montview family. Our teachers share stories of the Bible and discuss their daily relevance.
In addition to a dedicated staff and strong curriculums, our Sunday School provides local and international mission opportunities and the Pulpit Players, our Sunday School drama group, presents a Bible story with the congregation each year.
Montview greatly values including our children in worship services as acolytes, ushers, readers, communion participants, and choir members. The children sing at many services throughout the year and with our adult choir at Christmas and Spring Concerts. Our children fill the steps of the chancel at Word to the Children each Sunday. They share with the pastors and lead us all with their enthusiasm and perspective.
Another important children’s program is child care. Our professional caregivers provide a safe and loving environment for children ages birth to seven. We follow the best practices of the childcare field to provide care on Sunday mornings and for church activities and special events during the week.
– Sandy Prouty, Minister of Children and Families

Youth Ministry at Montview

Youth Ministry exists to call youth to be disciples of Jesus Christ, to respond to the needs and interests of youth, to connect them with the whole church, community and world, to help them grow their faith and use it, to discover their ministry and recognize God’s activity in their life. Becoming a disciple means taking a journey. Youth ministry is meant to introduce teenagers to Christ’s radical, boundary-breaking way of peace and justice and to help them figure out what it means to follow him. It’s a place for them to be Christians in training. Teenagers don’t necessarily need answers about faith. Rather, they need to be shown how to ask lots and lots of questions; they need a safe space in which to ask those questions surrounded by spiritual mentors who travel with them and show them all the ways they can seek God; and young people need the tools to look at Scripture and church teachings critically and challenge assumptions. Our goal is to help teenagers interact with the gospel in such a way that they take ownership of their faith journeys.
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