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Safety Committee:

Summary of Safety Procedures for Montview Youth Programs

It is the policy of the Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church to develop relationships with youth, treat them with kindness and respect, and protect them from abuse and exploitation.

  1. We complete background checks and references for all paid and volunteer adult youth workers.
  2. Volunteers and youth are never put into a circumstance where there is only one adult and one youth present.
  3. Everyone follows the “Two-Adult Rule”. Two unrelated adults are present for all youth activities.
  4. We follow the “Five Years Older” Rule. Adult leaders must be 5 years older than youth they supervise.
  5. Youth worker orientation and training will be provided to all volunteers and paid staff that work with youth.
  6. The cellar meeting room has windows for observation, and counseling is done in an open-door situation.
  7. We secure a signed Media Release form from parents/guardians of minors who participate in activities that may be photographed or videoed for distribution. We will not release any personally identifiable information without prior written consent from the parent or guardian. This includes names, photo or image, residential addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.
  8. All volunteers must be 25 years of age to drive a church van.  All van drivers will be trained in van driving safety procedures.
  9. All youth participating in youth programs must have a Montview Church Youth Information Form and Medical Consent form on file. These forms will be kept on file for the year with the church. Completed forms will be brought on all youth off site events by the adult leader.
  10. Permission Forms will be filled out and handed in for any offsite overnight trips.
  11. All youth participating in programs off site will develop and sign a covenant with their leaders at the beginning of the year.
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