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Sexual Offenders Policy
Quick Reference to Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Policy
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Safety Committee:

Safety Commitment

Guided by the spirit and love of God, Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church seeks to be a House of Prayer for all people.  Our goals as a community of faith also require the church to be a safe place to experience life in the presence of God and one another. Therefore, we strive to create a space where all are respected, all can be nurtured spiritually, and all can feel safe from physical, mental, or emotional harm.

As a community we enter into a covenant together that seeks to build healthy relationships through our mutual responsibility for the safety and care of one another; we all have particular roles to play in this covenant.  Leaders, committees, and staff share many of the responsibilities for the safety of the entire community, but it also requires support from each of you —alert eyes and ears, constructive ideas, tolerance of minor inconvenience, and generous sensitivity to the special needs of vulnerable members of our community. Our love for our neighbors guides these efforts of prevention, protection, and compassion as we seek to continue being a house of worship for all.

Achieving our goal requires attention to the needs of all generations in terms of:

  • Physical hazards
  • Building access and security plans
  • Communication and emergency systems
  • Employee and volunteer standards
  • Screening and training
  • Technology and social media policies
  • Broad education programs
  • Use of community resources
  • “Approach and question” practices
  • Other issues we may fail to anticipate
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