The Center for Spiritual Life

The Center for Spiritual Life at Montview Presbyterian Church from Montview Church on Vimeo.

Within each of us is a yearning to experience life in its depth, as well as to connect to the larger world around us. Ultimately we seek a sense of inner relation with all creation and with the unity that underlies it – but getting there is quite a journey. At the Center for Spiritual Life at Montview we explore many dimensions of the inner life of the Spirit so that we may enter into communion with God along our own unique paths- to experience, touch, and feel the joy of the Holy Spirit alive within us. We also explore ways to carry that experience out through our lives into the world, practicing how to remain more centered and compassionate in our hectic and sometimes frightening world.

The Center for Spiritual Life offers classes, retreats and seminars that are designed to deepen our relationship with God through experiences of mind, body and soul.  We are seeking more than information on the spiritual life. We seek ways to explore and enter into a deeper expression of faith, which is primarily experiential and interactive. While we talk about different theological and spiritual perspectives we also honor the heritage of our historic tradition and approach scripture as foundational yet ever reforming, so that we might become more deeply aligned with God.

Ultimately we hope our approach to the spiritual life is as much formative as informative. What we do is in the service of faith formation, engaging the mind and the heart together as nourishment for our journey.

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