Elders and Deacons

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The Montview congregation is led by its elders, lay women and men elected by the congregation to serve a 3 year term.  Collectively called “The Session,” with the co-pastors, these dedicated and faithful members are charged with the oversight of the spiritual, programmatic and business life of the congregation.  They work together to discern God’s leading for Montview, make sure that good practices are in place for its personnel and oversee the programmatic life of the congregation.  The Session insures the financial well-being of Montview and cares for its building and grounds.  The elders set policy and give vision to the work, mission and ministry of Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church.

Class of 2017
Martha Carlson
Dave Lucas
Aimee Sanders
Scott Showalter

Class of 2018
Diane Bassett
Abigail Metscher (Youth Elder)
Nate Neale
Paul Ward
Linda Orosz

Class of 2019
Jesse Aldridge
Cody Belzlcy
Paul Lingefelter
Scott Ranby
Jeanne Robb


The Deacons, collectively “The Board of Deacons” are an extension of the pastoral arms of the church.  They are charged with ministries of caring within the congregation.  Elected to 3 year terms by the congregation, the Deacons connect people of Montview to one another, provide meals, deliver flowers, provide transportation and home help for members, visit those in difficult situations and assist with Montview’s newest members.  The Deacons represent the heart of the congregation and live out Jesus’ commandment to love God by loving one another.

Class of 2017
Lee Buchmann
Julian Bak
Andrea Fuller
Steve Hetterich
Christy Honnen
Sandy Kieft
Suz Miller
George Moseley

Class of 2018
Mike Bufton
Paul Heitzenrater
Kristin Kwong
Todd Rembe
Pat Shepard
Mark Shin
Nancy Van Burgel
Debra Kennedy

Class of 2019
Johann Chanin
Pete Cvietusa
Matt Benton
Julie Evans
Mary Mitchell
Craig Parent
Rob Price
Leigh Flanagan

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