About Montview

Statement of Mission

We believe that the love of God surrounds us.  Our call is to nurture this love in ourselves and each other.  Through prayer, worship, education, outreach and mission, we seek to foster spiritual fulfillment, community, tolerance, peace, non-violence and social justice.  We dedicate ourselves and our church to follow the Spirit of Christ by word and deed.

At Montview we believe faith is about more than dogma.  It’s about experiencing God in everyday life, both in times of joy and times of struggle.  It’s about opening our hearts to a greater capacity for love, forgiveness and service.  It’s about trusting that God goes with us wherever life takes us, and because of that relationship of trust, we can risk living with compassion, gratitude and joy.  We invite you to join us on the journey.

Montview is a member of the Presbyterian Church USA, PC(USA)


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