Nepal Earthquake Response


Thank you to everyone who has voiced concern about our associates and projects in Nepal. All of our friends and colleagues have checked in and everyone is safe, although understandably traumatized.  We are so encouraged watching our partners at Patan Hospital, the Nepal Youth Foundation and International Development Enterprises leap into action in response to the challenges the earthquake has presented.

Folks from the Mission Life Committee and Nepal Worktrip Community met to identify how the Montview congregation and larger community can most effectively steward funds contributed through Montview. Our initial goal is to raise $25,000 to fund critical medical equipment for Patan Hospital, shelter for medically needy, tents for homeless families and schools, medicine/food/water and sanitation. We will partner with two organizations we know well through Montview capital projects and worktrips, that have 25-year track records in Nepal, substantial Nepali staff already in place, and outstanding reputations for effective programs and efficient implementation. Donations can be made directly to Montview (Nepal Earthquake in the memo line) in support of the Nepal Youth Foundation (working together with Patan Hospital) and International Development Enterprises.

You can follow their work on Facebook at: and or on their websites: and
Thank you in advance for helping people with great needs and supporting our tireless partners on the ground in Nepal.

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