News from the Zimbabwe 2014 Service-trip

News from the Zimbabwe 2014 Service-trip

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Monday June 9  

What a spectacular introduction to a beautiful country! On a morning walk in the game park we found zebras and giraffes, and held our breath as we looked from a high promontory out onto the savannah. I couldn’t imagine that the day could get any better…and then we went to the welcome service at the church in Harare. Though today is Monday—usually a day off for ministers and a quiet day in church—a big and enthusiastic contingent of pastors and parishioners held an emotionally and physically (!!) moving service. At first the rites were familiar—prayers and passages—but once the service called for a hymn, the little church came alive with Shona singing, drumming, dancing, and clapping. It was beautiful, intense, and joyous. Our hosts could not be more gracious and kind. We are so fortunate to be here. (from Randi Smith 6/9)


Monday June 9

There is a phrase that came about when the Montview group was in Uganda: TIA. This has been quite the experience so far here in Zimbabwe. From seeing wild game just a short distance from the airport to our host youth singing some of the most beautiful music. Where ever I seem to travel on the continent the people hosting me what to do to make my stay as comfortable and taken care of. It is only our first day….so much more to come!! John (6/9)



We had a very fine trip flying to Zimbabwe…did you know 20,000 miles takes a bit of time to travel?  We have a fantastic group representing Montview Church here in Harare.  We have met many new friends here and the Presbytery of Zimbabwe is taking very good care of us.  We have had many conversations together, painted the insides of 2 churches, visited a primary school run by the Presbyterian Church named Lakkewater Primary school where our young people…well the whole group had a marvelous time playing, talking and just spending time with the children.

Our internet situation is a bit dicey.  Electricity is out much of the time and wifi is not easy to find.  Bear with us – we will send information as we can.  Tomorrow part of our group heads north to visit Chinoyi  – north of Harare to spend time at the Lomagundi Clinic and the rest goes to an orphanage to spend time with the kids and do some work.   Know this group is working well together and happy to be in Zimbabwe learning many new things.

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