June 18 – New Orleans Worktrip – Day 2

June 18 – New Orleans Worktrip – Day 2

Today we were scheduled to go on a Katrina Disaster Tour followed by our free night in New Orleans so our work day was short; we worked until 12:15. After work it was a quick shower and then we followed one of the Project Homecoming worksite leaders (who incidentally is auditioning for The Voice next month) around the Lower 9th Ward to visit where the levees broke and to see some of the empty and rotting houses still needing to be fixed. I didn’t totally understand the scope of the destruction and am a bit shocked that there is not more said about the rebuilding. They said that 200,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed and needed to be searched after the levee break. When we were standing next to the new levees it was amazing to see how much water poured into the 9th Ward. It’s also astounding to know that the house we are working on was under 6 feet of water and then to imagine standing water in all directions. I’m quite shocked at the damage still visible. We’ve passed 3 completely empty and falling down malls, countless number of abandoned homes and 2 vacant multi story hotels with curtains hanging out of broken windows. I really wasn’t aware that there was still SO much work left to do.

After the tour we headed into the French Quarter for dinner at the Gumbo Shop followed by some sightseeing on Bourbon street and in the area. I think everyone had a great time and for my first time here I really enjoyed the sight and sounds. I’ll encourage one of the kids to expand on their experience. Well I’m wiped out again so til tomorrow.

Oh…beat out Corey and Abby in the Hearts Tourney. Anna Harder and I are on to the next round!

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