June 17 – New Orleans Worktrip – Day 1

June 17 – New Orleans Worktrip – Day 1
Hey y’all. Larry here. Those of you new to the worktrip blog should know I do a bit of the maintenance and daily “hum drum” while encouraging the kids to explore their daily experience.

Today was our first full day of work. The Montview group was divided up into 5 work groups to work on homes in various states of repair. Some are nearly complete with the workgroups finishing “punch lists” to get things done. The house my group is working on is about half way done. My group is working on a an old blighted house. After Katrina the owners abandoned the home so the house was in severe disrepair. It had to be totally gutted, raised 6 inches and completely rebuilt. The only original part of the building was half of the brick exterior. We dug post holes for a fence, mowed the overgrown weeds, covered the floor inside and are doing a lot of prep work for the painting of the exterior. Mid afternoon after a really hot morning we were treated to a quick downpour that soaked us and very temporarily cooled us off. After the clouds cleared the heat and humidity was nearly unbearable.

After working, we headed home for dinner and showers. After dinner a long time New Orleans resident presented a quick slide show and conversation about her experience during Hurricane Katrina and the levee breaks.

We started the annual Hearts tourney and ran one of the traditional games. Tired now and off to bed. Excuse the punctuation and grammar…these trips are always late evenings after long days.

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