Montview’s 2013 Senior High Youth Worktrip

Montview’s 2013 Senior High Youth Worktrip

Montview’s 60th continuous Montview Senior High Youth Worktrip will be working in New Orleans June 16- 23.

Follow their journey by CLICKING HERE.

They will be posting thoughts, stories and photos daily.

38 high school youth and 6 adults will be travelling to work with Project Homecoming. Project Homecoming is a faith-based community development organization building resilient neighborhoods in the greater New Orleans area. They provide assistance in rebuilding to families whose homes were damaged as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita who have not been able to afford to return home otherwise. The following people will be participating: Alexandra Barlett, Phoebe Bawmann, Alex Berg, Mackenzie Cohen, Morgan Cohen, Campbell Crockett, Sam Dapper, Emma Dean, Ally Dellgren, Jax Downs, Li Downs, Rachel Golla, Samuel Golla, Anna Harder, Christian Hill, Samuel Hill, Samuel Holeman, Meredith Kelly, Nolan Kelly, Alex Kokoska, Katherine LaMair, Samuel Mathias, Jessica McCollum, Abigail Metscher, Christopher Musselman, Corey Neuchterlien, Austin Neureiter, Darcy Neureiter, Emily Pettersen, Caroline Schlegel, Anna Stenson, Lila Stenson, Anna Stevens, Jade Thornton, Molly Tracey, Stephen Weinshenker, Samantha Worth, John Yoder (Adults) Diane Bassett, Beth Douma, James Duree, Rev. Sheri Fry, Steven Podrasky, Larry Strauss


One Comment on “Montview’s 2013 Senior High Youth Worktrip”

  1. Marshall Bowen
    June 20, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

    Wish I was there. Six great years – I’m going through withdrawals …. Keep up the good work!!

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