Interruptions are a theme in Scripture. We have a God who is continually interrupting us – interrupting our routines, our patterns of inequity, the status quo. Abraham’s life was interrupted. Moses’ life was interrupted. My life was interrupted by the Spirit. The gospels are stories of interruption after interruption. Jesus was at a wedding in Cana when His mother interrupted Him and said, “They have no more wine.” He had just stepped ashore in a region called the Gerasenes when He was interrupted by the cries of a demon-possessed man. He was on His way to visit a sick child when a touch on His sleeve interrupted Him and he felt the power go out from him. The incredible thing is that Jesus was always available and attentive to the interruptions and surprises. Jesus was never so fixed on His vision for the Kingdom that He missed the needs of the folks right next to him. These days, He’d get in trouble in most churches for wasting time with feet washing and drawing in the dirt; after all, there’s so much “meaningful” work to be done…like attending board meetings, raising funds for buildings and sitting in on conference calls. Most days, our life feels like one interruption after another. It’s packed with surprises: a knock at the door, an emergency or a kid who wants to show us the first sunflower bud. It seems that these are the very things so many of us try to squeeze out of our lives. We love predictability. We don’t want anything to alter our course. We’d rather just keep to the daily grind and the meaningless toil that is familiar and humdrum, rather than have our rhythms broken. Yet we have a God who is all about interrupting us. What if we miss the interruption? – Shane Claiborne

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