Youth at Montview

Youth Program at Montview

We offer choirs, fellowship, community service, working with younger children, ushering, worship participation, acolyte and Pulpit Players (acting) opportunities for Middle school (6th-8th) and for High school (9th-12th).
8th-12th  grades – 9:15-10:15 in the Cellar
Contact Sheri Fry at for more information

6th-12th  grades – 9:30-10:15 in the Sanctuary
Contact Sheri Fry at for more information

Fellowship Programs Sunday Evenings in the Cellar  
JAM (6th-8th grades) – 5-7 pm
Dinner with JAM & MOB (parent culinary skill required) – 6-6:30pm
MOB (9th-12th grades) – 6-8 pm
Please see detailed schedule for fellowship groups.
Fellowship programs are structured in the Following categotires: Fellowship & retreats, Recreation, Life of the church, Community Service
Global Youth Partnerships (Africa, Nepal and Mexico)
POT – Parents of Teenagers  
We invite parents of teenagers to get to know each other and support each other on the complex journey of guiding youth and each other through the teenage and college years.  POT’s mission includes support/sharing, speakers, “experts,” videos, articles, discussion and education for Parents of Teenagers.  It’s a few yours of lively conversation and  friendship!  Beverages and light refreshments are provided.
Please contact Rev. Sheri Fry at 
or 303-355-2095 ext 111 for more detailed information.

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