Montview Staff Directory


Montview Boulevard
Presbyterian Church
1980 Dahlia Street, Denver, Colorado 80220

General Questions or Concerns


Rev. Dr. Dee Cooper
Lead Pastor for Congregational Life (Interim)
303-355-1651 ext. 102
Office: Montview Church, 3rd Floor

Dee will serve as Montview’s Lead Pastor for Congregational Life for the Interim Period. She has been serving the last seven years as the Pastor and Head of Staff at Church of the Hills Presbyterian Church (USA) in Evergreen, CO.


Rev. Ian Gregory Cummins
Lead Pastor for Spiritual Life
303-355-1651 ext. 103
Office: Montview Church, 3rd Floor

Ian focuses his ministries in a variety of areas that help individuals integrate their faith and life.


Rev. Sheri Fry
Associate Pastor
303-355-1651 ext. 111
Office: Montview Church, 2nd Floor

Sheri focuses her ministry on youth and mission work.


John Kuzma
Minister of Music
303-355-1651 ext. 104
Office: Montview Church, 3rd Floor

Click here for more about John.


Sandy Prouty
Minister of Children and Families
303-355-1651 ext. 110
Office: Montview Church, 2nd Floor

Sandy focuses her ministry on children ministries.

 angela-cummins Angela Cummins
Executive Director
303-355-1651 ext. 101
Office: Montview Church, 3rd Floor
 Danean Burke
Administrative Assistant
303-355-1651 ext. 109
Office: Montview Church, 3rd Floor
 Diane Cooper
Administrative Assistant
303-355-1651 ext. 106
Office: Montview Church, 3rd Floor

Nancy Thompson
Membership Coordinator
303-355-1651 ext. 107
Office: Montview Church, 3rd Floor

Nancy focuses on membership at Montview. To update membership information please contact her.

 HulacBarb-organ Barbara Hulac
Music Administrator and Organist
303-355-1651 ext. 105
Office: Montview Church
 dan Dan Gasser
Directory of Finance
303-355-1651 ext. 112
Office: Montview Church, 2nd Floor

Larry Strauss
Director of Communications
303-355-1651 ext. 113
Office: Montview Church, 2nd floor

Larry manages all of the church publications, advertising and marketing.

Peter Hulac
Minister of Visitation

Peter Hulac is a retirement-age neonatology physician who now calls on homebound Montview members and also sees members who are hospitalized.


Tony Johnson
Debra Johnson
303-355-1651 ext. 118

Ken Brown
303-355-1651 ext. 120
Office: Montview Church, Basement Floor

 Safety Committee

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